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The birth of Cavajal Indiana Jones in 1993 was pivotal in the establishment of the Cavajal Kennel.
From the time his eyes opened, "Indy" was determined to pitch his tent in my house. It had not been my intention to keep a male puppy from Tia's litter to Ch Trenow Secret Agent (Imp UK).

Keeping Indy has taken me on a fabulous journey. The look of absolute joy as he brought back his first bird in a trial down at Narrung was enough to convince me that retrieving was going to be a worthwhile thing to do with this lovely boy! Indy had earnt an RRD by the time I retired him. What a great achievement despite me - certainly not because of me!

Indy was a member of the first Search and Rescue Dog Unit in South Australia, worked with children to combat their fear of dogs, visited boys in secure care, entertained lunchtime crowds in Rundle Mall, and worked to reinvolve students with difficulties at school. I had a very real affection for the Labrador Retriever. Indy has shown me the incredible versatility and unbelievable sense of humour of this fabulous breed.

My breeding programme was set to get under way with the acquisition of the beautifully bred Briden Chasse. Julie MacLaurin from Wynstream Labradors whelped Chasse and I have enjoyed and valued her friendship and mentoring to this day. Unfortunately Chasse had successive single puppy litters - so I kept both litters! Both litters produced success in consecutive Adelaide Royals in the puppy class. My Labs now come down from Indy or Chasse, and have enjoyed success in the show ring and have demonstrated considerable potential in the field.

Indy has now gone to his beach in the sky.  Although he has left a mighty hole in my heart, I shall continue to breed Labradors with the aim of improving in type and reaching the lofty standard Indy has set in temperament, loyalty, smarts and humour.  If any of my pups give their new owners even a quarter of the joy I have had with Indy I will be well pleased.

In partnership with Galestorm Labradors, Cavajal imported the chocolate boy Forsythe's Saga in late 2004.

Not only has one of Saga's girls - Aralyen Melting Moment - impressed at the Sydney Royal Show this year with a big win, she has just walked away with a BISS at the recent Golden Anniversary Specialty in Sydney under a breed specialist.  This young bitch has notched up these wins against some of the toughest competition in the nation.  Certainly 2 major wins like this can not be considered a fluke!  Congratulations to the Blaneys for preparing and exhibiting Poppy so well, and Anne O'Connor for having the belief in Saga to enable this lovely girl to be produced.

Saga has a very important assignment right now.  Following the untimely death of Sydney, Saga is the full time mate and tennis partner of Ross.  We still see Saga at Labs 'n Life and on beach walks, but other than presenting Ross with an obstacle when he gets out of bed in the morning, this partnership is going great guns for all concerned. 

Critique from breed specialist, Margaret Brown at the SA Lab Club's 2009 Specialty:

"Chocolate dog who thoroughly deserved a placement in this strong class, excellent head and expression, sound construction overall, with good balance from nose to tail, first class bone for his size and frame, superb topline and coat, really liked the temperament on this dog, very attentive to his handler, moved extremely well."-

 Saga has won Res Dog CC and Dog CC at the Adelaide Royal Show.

As a retriever, Saga is most enthusiastic - tending to catch the bird on one bounce! He moved the gallery to fits of laughter when I tied his lead to my belt to keep him from breaking, only to find my strides around my ankle and my belt still attached to Saga as he made off - full steam ahead!

Labs 'n Life

With the valuable assistance and guidance of Chris Muldoon from the Royal Society for the Blind, 'Labs 'n Life' -an initiative providing positive anticipation for youth at risk - commenced as a pilot project in May 2007.  The young people involved with us at Labs 'n Life are learning how to train Labrador Retrievers from Cavajal and Galestorm with the view of learning how to train dogs to work with other young people to enrich their lives. Jean Bird and Mari Lobbestael have been instrumental in giving opportunities to Labs 'n Life Crew that has certainly seen some aces served in the first 12 months of operation.  Please contact Sue if you would like more information on Labs ' Life, and keep an eye on the Labs 'n Life page on this web site.

Labs 'n Life have currently four dogs in placement, and they are absolutely flying! Striker, Duke, Charlie and Finn have made a significant positive impact on the quality of life of the recipient families.  The transition into placement has been facilitated by having Labs 'n Life crew train them.  This approach has been adopted from The Northstar Foundation and Patti Dobbs Gross, in addition to ECAD.  The dogs get accustomed to listening to and working with youngsters in the Labs 'n Life programmes, so attend to their autistic mates as a matter of course. 

The Cavajal crew are active participants in the Labs 'n Life initiative, giving kids at risk the opportunity to learn how to work with and relate to dogs.  Boy do they enjoy it!


Mick pointed for the first time in the USA at barely 9 months of age, being awarded Best winners dog and Opposite Sex! Mick also won opposite in Sweeps at the 2008 USA National in Georgia. He left the USA with a Rally Excellent title and 5 points to his show title.  Based on Australian scoring he would have his conformation title.

His grandparents are Travis (Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive), Lobuff's Turtle Dove, Aquarius Centercourt Delight, and Aquarius Bodacious Dora Lee.  It was a Travis / Turtle Dove daughter who won Westminster in 2009 under Guy Spagnolo. Turtle Dove won a judges award of merit in 2010 at the Potomac Specialty - ie in the top 6 dogs from a 1500+ LABRADOR entry - at the tender age of 10!

Mick also has a litter on the ground in the USA.  We are  having fun with this lovely boy, and thank Gayle Abrams and Kathy Sneider for rearing and choosing him for us. He was released from incarceration on 26th April 2009.

Critique from breed specialist, Margaret Brown at the SA Lab Club's 2009 Specialty:

Liked this yellow for his balance and type, masculine head & expression, perhaps a little strong than would be my ideal however, he made up for this with his overall construction, coat and tail are first class, so sound in movement, strong neck with excellent shoulder angulation, perhaps carrying a little more weight here than I would personally have liked but a quality dog with such a great deal to like about him, won the class on his sound construction and overall conformation, moved soundly, I see he is a import from the USA and I am sure that he will be able to pass his excellent construction and type to his puppies.

Mick has pups in 3 countries that have all enjoyed success in the show ring.   He is adding substance and significant quality to our breeding programme and his temperament is outstanding.

Australian Retrieving Champion Cavajal Buccaneer!

Buck won a novice trial in Victoria with some outstanding work to finish off his NRD.  This was his first serious attempt at trialling since before his self surgery on one of his rear toes!  Buck has not only distinguished himself in the field, but Pat has really sung his praises as an electrician and general handyman around the home. There's not much wiring that he hasn't "fixed",  and he has investigated how almost everything works and made his very own modifications to! Congratulations Jeff Patrick! In a stellar season in 2009, Buck achieved his national retrieving title at only three and a half. Buck was awarded Best Retrieving Dog in SA for 2012. Congratulations to Jeff and Buck!

Cavajal Moving Ahead.

With the assistance of breeders from Aquarius, Hyspire, Brookstone, Harborrun, Labradors from the USA, in addition to Saracenia, Stormley and Scarley, we have been able to access dogs that have made a significant impact into the development of the quality of the Cavajal crew!

We currently have pups on the ground, and in utero from quality sires from significant breeders world and Australia wide. These sires have been chosen in the belief that temperament, type and a sense of humour will continue to be the hallmark of Cavajal Labradors.

Cavajal Labradors are encouraged to develop their potential in a home environment that respects their individual differences.

(although they all seem to like shredding the toilet paper!

Everyone who watches Cavajal Labradors frolicing at the beach and enjoying their icecream cones after  know that:


Cavajal Labradors Enjoy!

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